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Southern California’s Only full-service petroleum distributor

Our Southern California facilities offer local delivery and stock these products at a convenient facility near you. Our comprehensive product line of high-quality petroleum products includes:

  • Unbranded Diesel Fuel and Gasoline
  • AIR 1 DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
  • Shell Lubricants
  • Pacific Pride and CFN Fleet Card Programs
  • Tectyl and Esgard Corrosion Preventives
  • F&L Race Fuel
  • Amber 363 Low Emission Fuel
  • Wide variety of solvents
  • Equipment Loan Program

Fuel: Diesel & Gasoline

Fuel – Any Amount, Anytime, Anywhere

Fuel – Any Amount, Any Time, Any Way

As Southern California’s leading fuel distributor, Dion & Sons can meet your specific fuel requirements. We service deliveries large (full load) and small (50 to 100 gallons), and will accommodate 24 x 7 x 365 delivery windows.

You determine how, where, and when we deliver. We welcome specific and complex requirements. Our fuel pricing is completely transparent, with a fixed margin per gallon on top of a published index – no “black box” pricing.

Tank Deliveries

We are highly experienced and skilled in delivering to above ground or below ground tanks of all sizes. Our trucks are fully equipped for pump or gravity deliveries.

Mobile Fueling / Wet Hosing

We are Southern California’s premier and most technically advanced provider of mobile fueling (wet-hosing) services. From 10 pieces of equipment to 200+, in a construction site or fleet parking lot, we leverage our mobile-fueling technology solution to provide you by unit gallon reporting.

Fleet card Programs

Offering both Pacific Pride and CFN, Dion & Sons, offers extensive Fleet card programs to serve your needs:

  • Thousands of fueling locations nationwide via the Pac Pride and CFN Fuelman network
  • Single invoicing for your fleet fueling
  • User-defined security controls over access, product, gallons, and frequency of fueling
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Generator Transport & Fueling

Dion & Sons are specialists in the fueling and transport of generators. Our trained fuel delivery technicians have deep knowledge of generator types and requirements.

We accommodate 24 x 7 generator fills, and provide detailed reporting on usage and hours. Our team will also transport generators ranging from 25 Kilowatts to 2 Megawatts from jobsite to jobsite.

Complex Project Servicing

Dion & Sons is the petroleum distributor of choice for highly complex projects. We will assign project management specialists to coordinate with your team to seamlessly incorporate fueling into your project requirements.

  • Turn-arounds
  • Event Driven
  • Construction
  • and more…

Tank Loan Programs

Dion & Sons Equipment Loan Program provides fuel and lubricant tanks of any size, and related dispensing equipment that meets all governmental requirements.

Our Equipment Loan Program includes a rental option, or a no cost option based on minimum volume commitments. We deliver and maintain all loaned equipment.

Together Anything Is Possible

As a lubricant solutions provider, we are excited to demonstrate how Shell can work for you!

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Manage your fuel on a whole new level

Control your fleet your way with CFN and Pacific Pride Fleet Card Solutions.

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Together Anything Is Possible

As a lubricant solutions provider, we are excited to demonstrate how Shell can work for you!

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Manage your fuel on a whole new level

Control your fleet your way with CFN and Pacific Pride Fleet Card Solutions.

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Lubricant Solutions Provider


Lubricant Solutions Provider

Dion & Sons provides lubricant solutions rather than just lubricant products. Our team of technical lubricant specialists (STLE – Certified Lubricant Specialists, Shell – DFLTS) support your team by providing:

  • Full Analysis of Your Lubricant Program
  • Product Application and Rationalization
  • Storage and Handling
  • Laboratory Sample Analysis
  • Lubricant Reclamation Services

Our lubricant technical expertise will help you protect your equipment, increase equipment reliability, reduce costs and improve operations.


Dion & Sons proudly distributes full lubricant lines of

We also provide:

  • Specialty Food Grade Lubricants
  • Metal Working
  • Marine Lubricants

Our online F&L Specialty Lubricant store can also meet all of your MIL-Spec lubricant and Corrosion Preventive requirements.

Local Delivery of All Package Sizes

Dion & Sons delivers lubricants from a local facility with locally stored inventory in the full range of package sizes:

  • Bulk
  • 330 Gallon Tote
  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • 5 Gallon Jug
  • Case Goods

Name your delivery window and product, and one of our 6 distribution facilities located across the Southland will service your order.

Tank Loan Programs

Dion & Sons Equipment Loan Program provides lubricant tanks of any size and related dispensing equipment that meets all governmental requirements. Our Equipment Loan Program also includes a rental option or a no cost option based on minimum volume commitments. We deliver and maintain all loaned equipment.

Mil-Spec & Specialty Lubricants

Mil-Spec & Specialty

The F&L Petroleum Products division of Dion & Sons is the largest Mil-Spec repackager of lubricants and corrosion preventive materials on the West Coast. Our experienced team of customer service agents can identify the right product for your Mil-Spec requirements and ship throughout the U.S.

All our Mil-Spec and Specialty products are available for order online:


F&L Petroleum Products has over 30 years of experience supplying products that meet US government military specifications. Our experienced team can assist you in deciphering military/government contract requirements and sourcing QPL/QPD specified products.


F&L Petroleum Products is certified by the US Government as a Mil-Spec repackager. From 55 gallon drums to aerosol sprays we can meet your specific Mil-Spec needs with delivery throughout the U.S.

Corrosion Preventatives

F&L Petroleum Products distributes the full line of Tectyl and Esgard corrosion preventive products. We repackage to all package sizes and offer shipping throughout the U.S.

Other Specialty Products (Food Grade, Metalworking, Fire Resistant)

F&L Petroleum Products distributes a full line of specialty fluids including AeroShell, Shell Marine, Anderol, Dodge, Fuchs, Houghton, Quaker, Royco and Summit. From Food Grade to Metalworking to Aviation and Marine – we have the right product for your requirements.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Dion & Sons is the Southern California distributor for Mansfield’s AIR1 Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We offer delivery via mobile fueling and package delivery (all sizes). In addition, bulk DEF is available at our Pacific Pride and CFN Cardlock locations in Long Beach and San Diego.

Mobile Filling

Dion & Sons is the only Southern California petroleum distributor that offers mobile filling of DEF via our custom-engineered DEF delivery trucks. This service provides truck by truck DEF filling at your site and at your convenience with customized reporting to enhance your fleet management.

Packaged Delivery

Dion & Sons will deliver DEF to your facility in all package sizes ranging from 330 gallon totes to 55 gallon drums to 1 gallon jug containers. We also offer a full line of DEF pumps to ensure the integrity of your DEF filling.

Cardlock Availability

DEF is available for bulk filling at our Long Beach and San Diego Cardlocks via Pacific Pride (Long Beach and Lakeside) and CFN (Santee). The convenience of DEF via your Fleet Card program ensures your drivers and equipment are always covered.

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F&L Race Fuel

Race Fuel

Dion & Sons has racing in its DNA as we fuel race teams in the SCORE Baja series and Best in the Desert series. We are the largest distributor of F&L race fuel and Sunoco race fuel in Southern California offering all package sizes from bulk to 5-gallon pails.

We can support your race team with a dedicated account manager or your weekend hobby with walk-up sales at all of our Southern California facilities.

F&L Race Fuel

Dion & Sons carries the full line of F&L Race Fuels all of which are available via bulk and package delivery or counter sales at each of our facilities.

F&L Race Fuel Logo

Onsite Race Delivery

Dion & Sons offers on-site race delivery of F&L Race Fuels at most major West Coast and Mexico off-road races as well as the Lucas Oil Southern California Regional Short-Course series.

Contact our dedicated Race Fuel Sales Manager to learn more at (949) 870-5773.


Amber 363

Amber 363 is Dion & Sons’ proprietary low NOX (nitrogen) emissions diesel fuel, and is considered the Best Available Control Technology by the South Coast Air Quality Management District as a liquid fuel for use in back-up generators and boilers.

Amber 363 meets ASTM D975 specifications while offering greater microbial resistance, lower oxidation, lower affinity for water and longer shelf life than standard diesel fuel. Amber 363 is an outstanding single source fuel for multiple equipment types (e.g., generators and boilers) and long-term storage.

Amber 363 Fuel and Regulations

1990, Congress adopted the Clean Air Act Amendments, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was given the task of coordinating the efforts to reduce ozone-generating airborne pollutants. Southern California–in particular the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)–took a lead in pollutant reduction, and was one of the first to have its plan approved by the EPA. The extent to which the ultimate Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) levels and Lowest Achievable Emission Rating (LAER) levels will reflect the emission limits set by SCAQMD Regulation 1146 for other areas of the United States is uncertain.

AMBER® 363-II FUEL was originally developed as a stand-by fuel with the emission requirements of SCAQMD Regulation 1146 in mind. Depending on the specific boiler/burner configuration, NOx emissions in the range of 10-30 ppm can be achieved. The EPA mandated that all non-attainment states must submit a detailed plan for controlling emissions. The NOx RACT levels for most non-attainment areas are presently less stringent than those specified under SCAQMD Regulation 1146.

Amber 363 Fuel vs. Other Fuels

Typical Property Comparison Between Amber 363-II & #2 Diesel

Flash Point 152 125
Heating Value, Btu/lb 20,173 19,000
Heating Value, Btu/gal 133,500 138.500
Nitrogen, ppm <0.3 <400-700
Sulphur, ppm <1 <500
Viscosity, Cst 1.54 1.9-4.1
Weight/gallon, lb 6.622 7.29
Specific Gravity 0.799 0.8398
API Gravity @ 60 °F 46.4 37
Ash Content, wt % <0.001 <0.001
Cetane Number 59.2 47
Pour Point °F -15 20
Oxidation Stability <0.1 <0.1

The comparison with methanol and propane initially shows the significant differences between these fuels and AMBER® 363-II FUEL. Both methanol and propane are much lower in heat input per gallon and also lead to lower boiler efficiency. They are both flammable and may require above ground storage tanks. Propane is explosive while methanol is toxic and corrosive to equipment. Neither of the fuels can be directly used in existing diesel generators due to their need for spark ignition. Even after the appropriate conversion, methanol requires a significant warm-up time in the generator before full power is reached. The main benefit of both methanol and propane, relative to AMBER® 363-II FUEL, is that they have lower unit fuel prices, although this is likely to be offset by other factors in most applications.

In comparison with natural gas, the NOx emissions of AMBER® 363-II FUEL are usually very similar. This means that, in any given situation, the stand-by fuel will allow emission levels to be maintained when the primary fuel is interrupted. In addition, when natural gas is being used in co-firing situations, switching to the stand-by fuel will not require equipment adjustments or blend ratio revisions for emission levels to remain unaltered.



Dion & Sons offers a complete line of solvents including acetone, isopropyl alcohol and methanol, among others, for cleaning and diluent. Package delivery and counter sales are available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails via all Dion & Sons locations.

Petroleum Equipment - Above Ground Tanks

Petroleum Equipment

Dion & Sons Equipment Loan Program can provide you with fuel or lubricant tanks of any size and related dispensing equipment that meets all governmental requirements. Our Equipment Loan Program includes a rental option or a no cost option based on minimum volume commitments. We deliver and maintain all loaned equipment.


Dion & Sons offers fuel tanks ranging in size from 240 gallons to 10,000 gallons including double wall tanks for gasoline and secondary containment for diesel. Lube tanks range from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons. All tanks are fully equipped to dispense product.

Pumps & Reels

Dion & Sons offer the full complement of tank support equipment including pumps, reels, meters and monitors.

Delivery & Maintenance

Dion & Sons will deliver your tank and provide ongoing maintenance to support your fueling needs. Through our partner, Orange Coast Petroleum Equipment, we can also facilitate support for all permitting requirements.

We are Southern California’s
Only Full Service Petroleum Distributor