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Amber Industrial Services

Industrial Services Mission

The Dion & Sons mission is to meet the challenges of tomorrow by conducting our business with integrity in all dealings, sensitivity to environmental concerns and responsiveness to the needs of all our customers, whether large or small.

  • A company philosophy that promotes innovation and allows flexibility
  • A dedicated, technically trained staff who consider customer satisfaction as the ultimate measure of success
  • A commitment to quality, backed by long standing contractual relationships with world-class suppliers

We provide quality products and superior service to a wide variety of industrial users. Over the years, our capabilities have been enhanced by continuous improvements including:

  • Expanded Facilities
  • Computerized Administrative Systems
  • Addition of a 2800-Drum Storage Warehouse
  • State of the Art Storage & Delivery Systems
  • 24/7 Cardlock Fuel Facility
  • Expanded & Modernized Fleet

Industrial Services Overview

Amber Industrial Services (AIS) provides solutions to industrial lubricant and fuel issues to help customers increase profitability and the reliability of their equipment. Utilizing a fleet of portable filtration equipment units with experienced operators; AIS is capable of responding to your most critical lubrication and fuel maintenance needs in a timely, professional manner. Trust your lubricant and fuel reliability to a company committed to superior service and top quality products.

As a member of the Dion & Sons family you can choose one vendor for all of your lubricant, fuel, mil-spec, solvent, cardlock and fluid reclamation needs!

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Oil Purification & Reclamation

oil purification & reclaimation

Our mobile units are designed to connect to systems while they are running, so there is zero production downtime. (dialysis) This allows our customers to have their oil cleaned and serviced while also maintaining production goals. In addition to the zero downtime value, the dollar savings of reclaiming oil versus purchasing new are immediate and substantial. We can help you achieve and maintain targeted ISO cleanliness codes utilizing our full scope service.

Amber Industrial Services has the technology, equipment, and trained personnel to provide our customers with premier oil reclamation services. Using a combination of filtration, centrifuge, and vacuum dehydration, we have the flexibility to meet any customer’s needs.

Water and particulate contamination are the leading cause of machinery failure, and our oil reclamation services will efficiently remove these contaminates from your oil. The removal of contaminates from your oil will extend its service life, reduce high maintenance costs, and increase the reliability of your equipment.

Reclamation Benefits

Maintenance Cost Savings
Clean oil ensures top performance, guards against costly breakdowns, decreases the chance of catastrophic equipment failure, and helps extend equipment life.

Improve Equipment Reliability
Reduces unscheduled equipment downtime due to unexpected failures.

Oil Cost Savings
Reclamation reduces the purchase of new product and eliminates the cost of disposing of old unusable oil.

Your equipment will run more accurately and efficiently with clean oil.

Longer Life
Extend the life of your equipment and the service life of your oil.

Establish Proper Lubricant Service Intervals
Every unit is used in a different capacity, therefore, determining the correct service interval for each unit is important.

Environmental Protection
Decrease your environmental impact due to the disposal of contaminated fuel.Oil: before & after treatment

Oil Reclamation Services


  • Water and Particulate Removal
  • Emergency Filtration and Purification
  • Oil Additive Refreshing
  • Turnarounds and Outages
  • Oil Removal and Short Term Storage
Reclaimable Oils

Reclaimable Oils

  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Turbine Oil
  • Quench Oil
  • Heat Transfer Oil
  • Synthetic Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Fire Resistant Fluids
Industries Served

Industries Served

  • Power Generation
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Refineries
  • Rubber Mfg
  • Forges/Foundries & Metal Manufacturing
  • General Manufacturing
Leakage Oil Program

Leakage Oil Program & Waste Mitigation

  • Oil leaked from your equipment is still good oil.
  • Collection, segregation and reclamation of your leaked oils can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year.  Our analysis and filtration can recycle your oil for reuse in your equipment.
Oil Purification

New Oil Purification

Brand new oil does not meet OEM cleanliness specifications.

Let us ensure that your initial fill meets spec and sets your equipment up for a reliable & productive future.

Typical Results

Typical Results

  • Cost Savings: Reclaimed fluids typically cost 40% – 70% less than new oil
  • New oil purchases can be reduced by as much as 80%
  • Significant reduction of waste oil volume and disposal charges
  • Increased lubricant life
  • Reclaimed oil is cleaner than new oil

Fuel Polishing & Reclamation

Fuel polishing & reclaimation

Using advanced filtration technology, our fuel reclamation services remove contaminates, such as water and particulates, from diesel fuel. Reclamation and treatment can bring contaminated diesel fuel back into ASTM specifications. Our self-contained on-site filtering unit can remove particulates down to one micron in size.

Our diesel fuel reclamation services protect your machinery, lower the costs of your system maintenance and ensure your compliance with all industry and manufacturer’s specifications.

Systems We Service

  • Backup Generators and Power Generation
  • Above Ground Fuel Tanks
  • Below Ground Fuel Tanks
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Class A Vehicles

Fuels We Service

  • Diesel Fuel (ULSD #2)
  • Amber 363 Fuel
  • Bio-Diesel Blends
  • Jet A
  • Gasoline

Reclamation Benefits

  • Reliability – Fuel contamination is the leading cause of emergency power system failures. Our reclamation process ensures that your fuel is ready when you need it.
  • Fuel Cost Savings – Reclamation reduces the purchase of new product and eliminates the cost of disposing old unusable fuel.
  • Maintenance Cost Savings – Clean fuel ensures performance and guards against costly breakdowns, decreases the chance of catastrophic engine failure and extends fuel filter life.
  • Compliance – Our independent certification of the reclaimed fuel ensures that your testing/maintenance records will meet with NFPA requirements.
  • Environmental Protection – Reduce your environmental impact due to the disposal of contaminated fuel.
  • We Work With Your Maintenance Program – We provide reclamation services on a condition-based schedule or we can provide reclamation services on an annual, semiannual or quarterly basis to keep your fuel up to standards.

Sampling & Analysis Services

Oil Before & After

Equipment Fuel & Oil Sampling

Let one of our team members pull a sample from your reservoir/tank to check for contamination. We can utilize our in field testing to check for contamination or send it to a third party lab for more advanced testing.

Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is a diagnostic, preventative maintenance tool for monitoring and evaluating lubricant, fuel and equipment conditions. Ensure that your oil is as clean as the OEM requires it to be and is ready to work as hard as you.

Fuel Analysis

Fuel Analysis

Fuel analysis can identify potential causes for fuel filter plugging, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning throttle position sensors and sticking valves.

Reclamation Equipment Rental & Sales

Fuel polishing & reclaimation

Our fleet of rental equipment is ready for immediate delivery to your site to help your team get production back online. Rent a vacuum dehydrator or filtration skid to clean up your fluids or transfer oil yourself.

We also have purchase and lease-to-purchase options to fit any budget.

Vacuum Dehydrators

  • 5-50 GPM
  • 460V
  • Water Removal & Filtration

Oil Filtration Skids

  • 10-150 GPM
  • 110-460V
  • Air Operated Options
Services Truck

Fuel Filtration Carts

  • 10-50 GPM
  • 110V
  • Air Operated Options

High Speed Hot Oil Flushing & Equipment Commissioning

High Speed Hot Oil Flushing & Equipment Commissioning

Our Flushing Program is built around ASTM D 6439 and designed to effectively remove dirt and other accumulated particles from the critical internal components of hydraulic and lubrication systems. Our ultimate goal is to reduce unscheduled downtime at the lowest cost possible.

  • We provide the most efficient service possible by adhering to strict flushing system component cleanliness, assuring that our flushing fluid, flushing loops and other system surfaces are free of any outside contaminants.
  • We make sure our flushing procedures exceed your standards. Our team of technicians and equipment can effectively remove dirt and other accumulated particles from the critical internal components of hydraulic and lubrication systems. Flushing is recommended on new equipment installations, piping or equipment modifications, after mechanical failures and oil changes to ensure compatibility.
  • Acquired cleanliness level by at least half to guarantee the health of the lubrication system.

Tank/Reservoir Flushing & Cleaning

Tank Flushing and Cleaning

  • AIS offers both entry and non-entry reservoir cleaning services. Contaminants accumulate on the bottom of reservoirs, even in systems that have efficient filtration, and eventually require cleaning.
  • Reservoir cleaning is often overlooked in the filtration process and can lead to machine failures due to the reintroduction of contaminants.
  • The AIS OSHA certified confined space entry cleaning team is fully capable of removing the buildup of contaminants from the customer’s reservoir to help prevent equipment from encountering unexpected failure.

Tank Flushing Before & After

Tank Services: Above Ground & Underground

Tank Services

Amber Industrial Services is proud to offer a full selection of tank services to our customers. Through a combination of skilled employees and highly qualified subcontractors we can provide a solution to any tank problem you may have. In lieu of contacting several vendors you can utilize AIS and Dion & Sons for all of your tank, filtration, service, fuel & lubricant needs.

Scope of Services

  • Review alarm log for previous month and check that each alarm condition documented was responded to appropriately.
  • Inspect spill containers and containment sumps as required for the presence of hazardous materials, water, or debris and verify the location of monitoring equipment in those areas to ensure that they are in the proper position to detect a leak at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Verify that all required testing and maintenance has been completed and document the dates these activities occurred.
  • Verify that all employees are trained and provide on-the-job training at required intervals.

Other Tank Services

  • Annual Monitoring System Certifications
  • Tank & Equipment Repairs
  • Secondary Containment, SB-989 Testing
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