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Amber Industrial Services
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Oil Reclamation

With Amber Industrial Services, vacuum dehydration, centrifuge, and element filtration can reclaim most of the industrial lubricants in your plant at a fraction of the cost of new lubricants.

Fuel Reclamation

Amber Industrial Services keeps the fuel supply for your fleet or emergency power systems clean and dry and helps your company maintain compliance with NFPA 110.

Fue reclamation

Equipment Rental

Our fleet of reclamation equipment rentals, vacuum dehydrators, and filtration skids is ready for immediate delivery (based on availability) to your site to get your production back online.

Equipment Rental

Flushing & Cleaning

Amber Industrial Services can flush and clean your equipment, from high-speed flushes on hydraulic or turbine systems to removing years of sludge buildup in a fuel or lubricant tank.

Flushing & Cleaning

Amber Industrial Services (AIS)

AOS specializes in critical lubrication and fuel maintenance solutions, helping industries boost profitability and equipment reliability. As a division of Dion & Sons, we offer a comprehensive range of services:

  • Oil Reclamation: Zero production downtime, extended service life, and increased productivity. Our services include oil purification, reclamation (vacuum dehydration & filtration), oil sampling, and leakage oil mitigation.
  • Flushing & Cleaning: Enhance equipment efficiency and longevity while minimizing downtime. We provide high-velocity flushing, chemical flushing, and varnish mitigation.
  • Fuel Reclamation: Keep your fuel supply clean and dry for fleets and emergency power systems. Our fuel polishing and filtration services ensure optimal performance.
  • Fuel & Oil Analysis: Maximize equipment performance and reliability through comprehensive analysis.
  • Reclamation Equipment Rental: Our state-of-the-art rental fleet ensures online equipment maintenance within budget.

The AIS Advantage

  • Profitability: We reduce operational costs and extend lubricant life.
  • Reliability: Trust our experienced operators and top-quality products.
  • Asset-based Fleet: Portable filtration equipment units
  • Prompt Emergency Service: AIS can promptly respond to your critical lubrication and fuel maintenance needs.
  • Environmentally Responsible: We offer solutions for contaminated oil.
  • Dion & Sons Partnership: Your one-stop vendor for lubricants, fuels, and fluid purification needs.

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