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Dion & Sons, Inc proudly becomes part of the REG Family

Dion & Sons became part of the REG family on January 1st, 2022. Renewable Energy Group (REG) is leading the energy and transportation industries’ transition to sustainability by converting renewable resources into high-quality, sustainable fuels. By pushing fuel forward, they are delivering cleaner fuels to meet growing global demand.

For more than 25 years, Renewable Energy Group has innovated clean fuels with niche products to economically viable fuel alternatives. From biodiesel and renewable diesel to UltraCleanTM Blend and more — REG offers renewable fuels that help customers support both the environment and their businesses.

REG’s cleaner fuels are good for the environment — and they are easy for customers to incorporate into existing infrastructure.

Worldwide Company With A Local Reach

Renewable Energy Group is a global company — and a local one. With locations throughout the U.S. and in Europe, they are a player on the world stage when it comes to cleaner fuels. Their commercial-scale biorefineries and sophisticated production processes ensure they produce high-quality products. And their numerous terminal locations and relationships with suppliers and end users allow them to get fuel where it needs to go. They also are active in, and care deeply about, the communities where they are located. REG is not just a producer and supplier of cleaner fuels, they are also a creator of jobs and a source of economic development for local and regional economies.

Renewable Fuels Power a More Beautiful World

UltraCleanTM Blend: A proprietary — and sustainable — low-carbon diesel replacement that is a premium and easy-to-use solution for fleets.

Biodiesel: Reduces engine emissions and total hydrocarbons using renewable resources that are byproducts of other processes — including recycled cooking oil, grease recovered from wastewater, animal fats, and vegetable oils.

Renewable Diesel: Reduces engine emissions and total hydrocarbons from the same feedstocks as biodiesel, but leverages a different production process.

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BioDiesel & Renewable Diesel

Biodiesel vs. Diesel

Biodiesel is one of the easiest, most effective fuels for reducing carbon emissions. It’s a cleaner fuel that provides strong fleet performance. It also offers a good return on investment.

How does biodiesel differ from petroleum diesel? Biodiesel is made from renewable resources that are largely plant-based, with their energy coming from the sun instead of fossil fuels. These feedstocks are diverted waste or byproducts from other industries, giving them new life. That helps biodiesel emit less greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, biodiesel’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are up to 86% lower than those of petroleum diesel.

Biodiesel often costs less than petroleum diesel. And it is a drop-in fuel that can be used in existing diesel vehicles and fueling infrastructure, giving diesel fleets a solution for reducing carbon emissions right away with their existing equipment.

Compared with petroleum diesel, biodiesel fuel also enhances performance through higher Cetane, added lubricity and a cleaner burn that puts less stress on diesel particulate filters.

Biodiesel is the fuel that can bring all these benefits to fleets, retailers and wholesalers.

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Renewable Diesel vs. Biodiesel

Renewable diesel is made from the same renewable resources as biodiesel but uses a different production process. The result is a renewable fuel that can serve as a direct replacement to petroleum diesel and meets the same ASTM specification.

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Case Studies

How Biodiesel Can Help Solve Fleets’ Lubricity Problems

Biodiesel has great lubricity characteristics. And biodiesel can be easily blended with petroleum diesel. Adding as little as 2 percent biodiesel (a B2 blend) provides the necessary lubricity required in the fuel —and higher blends help add even more lubrication

The Making of EnDura FuelsTM

Renewable Energy Group’s new EnDura FuelsTM product line wasn’t created overnight. Learn how the s team of biofuels experts at REG collaborated to create the next step in biodiesel and renewable diesel technology and quality.

Biodiesel with Casey’s

As part of their commitment to addressing climate change, Casey’s has partnered with REG to provide renewable fuel options at their fueling stations. Learn how biofuels bring value to Casey’s and their fleet customers.

Biodiesel with Midwest Renewable Biofuels

With the help of Midwest Renewable Biofuels, REG can recycle used cooking oil into cleaner-burning fuel. Read more about how this local partnership uses a waste product to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Navigating the trucking industry landscape with biodiesel

Ruan wants to help reduce emissions,” says Steve Larsen, the company’s Director of Procurement and Fuel. “We are also very customer-focused, and a lot of our customers have sustainability goals, and we want to support them by being a cleaner supplier.”

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