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UltraClean BlenD™

Simplify sustainability with a better blend.

UltraClean BlenD™ is a proprietary fuel that combines renewable diesel and biodiesel to help you meet low carbon goals simply — with no infrastructure changes.

Ultra Clean Blend

Superior performance.

UltraClean BlenD™ provides excellent lubricity, high Cetane and low Cloud Point for superior performance, all while enabling sustainability targets to be met.

UltraClean BlenD™ is a proprietary, renewable fuel combination of VelociD™ and PuriD™ that allows decarbonization today in virtually any diesel application.

Superior lubricity to renewable diesel and can even have a lower freezing point
Carbon Intensity (CI) scores that are much lower than petroleum diesel allow for decarbonization today
UltraClean BlenD™ can provide the lowest overall engine emissions of any diesel fuel option
Elastomer swell, density and bulk modulus properties of UltraClean BlenD™ are a better match for conventional diesel than 100% renewable diesel

For more information, download Renewable Energy Group’s UltraClean BlenD™ fact sheet and specification sheet.

Get Renewable Energy Group’s UltraClean BlenD™ SDS.

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