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Shell Synthetics

Leading Products

Shell Rotella T6 5W40

Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle 5W30

  • Fuel economy savings up to 1.5% compared to a conventional 15W-40
  • Extended drain capacity
  • Excellent cold start capability and extreme heat protection
  • Triple Protection Plus Technology
  • Full Synthetic Diesel Oil

Shell Rotella T5 Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend Engine Oiil

Rotella T5 10W30

  • Fuel economy savings up to 1.6% compared to a conventional 15W-40
  • Engine durability
  • Enhanced engine protection
  • Triple Protection Plus Technology
  • Synthetic Blend
Shell Spirax Synthetic Axle & Transmission Oils

Spirax S6 ATF A295

  • Incorporates latest synthetic base technology to help ensure the viscosity of the oil remains constant over complete oil drain
  • Exceptional oxidation resistance helps resist the formation of deposits to ensure longer fluid life
  • Extremely high frictional stability
Shell Gadus

Gadus S5 V220 2

  • Lithium complex grease based on synthetic base oils
  • Contains a special friction modifier, suitable for high-speed bearings
  • Excellent mechanical and thermal stability
Resources & Education

Shell Spirax – Transparent Gear Demonstration

A special transparent gearbox demonstrates the superior lubrication of Shell Spirax S6 synthetic oil when compared to mineral based oil. In both cold starts and fully warmed up conditions, synthetic oil lubricates all the critical parts of the gearbox more evenly.

Shell Lubricants – Synthetic Grease for Wheel Bearings

Shell Lubricants Technical Advisor Shanna Simmons discusses automotive greases and explains the benefits of synthetic greases. This information will help you make a smart choice when deciding between greases and choosing Shell Gauds S5 V220 2.

5 Things to know before switching to 10W-30 Oil

Five Things You Should Know Before Switching to a 10W30 Oil

Improve fuel economy with lower viscocity oil – without sacrificing wear protection.

Shell Gadus Case Study

Engine Manufacturer Extended Component Life with Synthetic Shell Gadus S5

Case Study: This engine manufacturer switched to Shell Gadus S5 V220 2, and extends the life of the spline couplings by 4x, resulting in a 75% reduction in failures.

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