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Now Offering UltraClean BlenD™

Now Offering UltraClean BlenD™

CFN Fleetwide

CFN Fleetwide Cardlock Card

  • Custom Profiles for Drivers, Divisions, and Fleet Specifications
  • Per Day Transaction Limits, Time of Day and Day of Week Controls
  • Product Control at All Cardlock Locations
  • Fraud Protection
More Features

  • Driver ID and Odometer Prompt
  • Single Card System or Vehicle Card and Floating Pin
  • Access to the CFN Nationwide Network with over 57,000 fueling locations
  • Extended Access Lock Out By Zip Code or State
  • Comprehensive Exception Report
  • E-Receipts for Tracking and Email Verification of Fuel Purchases
  • Over 2,500 CFN cardlock locations
  • Superior diesel network
  • Truckstops for over-the-road drivers
  • iPhone and Android app/online site locator
  • Professional Fuel Advocate

CFN Fleet Card Program video.

Pacific Pride

Pride Advantage Pacific Pride Cardlock

  • Individual Fleet Card Control by Product, Time of Day, Day of Week with Daily, Weekly or Monthly Transactions Limits*
  • E-Receipts within Moments of a Completed Transaction.
  • Fraud Protection
More Features

  • Custom Routing and Mapping for Greater Savings by Keeping You In-Network
  • Driver ID and Odometer Prompt – Fixed or Floating PIN
  • 3rd Prompt (I.E., Vehicle #, Job #, Etc.)
  • Over 1,000 Pacific Pride sites
  • More than 57,000 retail locations nationwide
  • Superior diesel network
  • Truckstops for over-the-road drivers
  • iPhone and Android app/online site locator
  • Professional Fuel Advocate

Pacific Pride Fleet Card Program video.

Customer Tools

The power to control your fleet your way. As your fuel management partner, we are here to support you 24/7. (877) 202-9065

  • View Fuel Usage and Transactions
  • Create Custom Fuel Reports
  • IFTA Reports Available
  • View & Manage Transactions

Your Fueling Partner

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best options for your business model – whether you are local LTL, over-the-road, or need an emergency backup solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual Network Advantage – Two Incredible Platforms to Choose From
  • 24/7 Support
  • Exception Reporting for Greater Fraud Control
  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) Available at the Pump
  • Fraud control
  • Custom Reports

Fleet fuel management for any size business

  • Corporate Fuel Cards for Any Size Fleet
  • Choose From Two Nationwide Networks
  • We support all business models, including local LTL, over-the-road, and for emergency back-up.

Network Comparison

Features Pacific Pride CFN
Product Control
Per Fill Limits
Daily Limits
Video Surveillance*
Fleet Card Locations in Network 1,000 2,500
Extended Fuelman Sites 57,000+ 57,000+
Exception Reporting
Mobile Locator App

Reduce Costs

Use our routing and mapping tools to find fueling options in-network with 24/7 customer support.

  • Individual card control by product, time of day, day of week, and daily, weekly, or monthly transaction limits.*
  • Real-time email notification of every purchase.*
  • Quick Fueling at high-flow, unattended cardlock sites for your larger vehicles.
  • Video Surveillance at most locations.

Clear Pricing Guarantee

  • Manage Your Fuel on a Whole New Level
  • Take advantage of the in-network sites, and use the extended network as a convenience.

*May not be available at all sites

Committed to keeping your fleet moving 24/7
We have worked together many years and very happy customers. The fleetcard team goes out of its way to understand customer needs, and works closely with you to evaluate and maximize customer relations and success. Their extensive knowledge of the industry is an asset to any organization!- Mohsen & Susana Arabshahi - Mohsen Oil, Inc / Mohsen Transportation, Inc
We have been Dion customers for a few years now, and it is one of the best decisions we have made as a company. Their service and commitment to us is unparalleled.- Jim Cifelli, J.C. Cable
Dion & Son's has one of the strongest customer service teams we have ever dealt with, which makes our job easier and helps us help our drivers when they encounter an issue and need an immediate response. They are very helpful and are fast to respond to emails and phone calls. Robin (Fleet Card Manager) and Cheyenne (Fleet Card Administrator) rock! I have never had to have a driver wait around for a response to be helped which is amazing. Dion & Son's is there anytime, any day 24/7 when you need them. It almost makes me feel as if they were just there waiting for my calls and requests, that's how available they are to work with to make sure we are always well taken care of! Thank you Dion & Son's for all your help and dedication!- Guadalupe Gonzalez - Ponce Ground Service
I really like your company because we have good communication and your service is always very punctual and professional.- Rudy Duarte Field, Transportation Manager for Mission Produce Inc.
As the owner of a grading company I need a lot of fuel. But what I look for most these days in my vendors is quality service. The staff is always friendly and very helpful in all my petroleum needs. The variety of fuels and oils is top notch and there is always an open pump.- Deven Schneider, Schneider Grading
From service to sales to office personnel, Dion and Sons is consistent, efficient, professional and courteous. They are great business partners delivering quality fuel for our fleet safe and reliably. Their fuel cards, stocking and delivery services keep PAL vehicles moving and on the job. We look forward to utilizing Dion and Sons for many years to come.- Kiley Pulliza – PAL General Engineering, Inc.

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Additional Services

Above and beyond Fleet Cards, Dion & Sons is a full service fuel supplier and petroleum distributor. We are strongly committed to excellent customer service, and meeting the needs of your business, no matter how big or small the project, operation, or goal.

We are Southern California’s
Only Full Service Petroleum Distributor.