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Apr 25

Dion & Sons Unveils Streamlined Brand Identity


Long Beach, CA, April 25, 2024 — Dion & Sons, a name synonymous with excellence in petroleum distribution since 1930, proudly announces a significant milestone: the consolidation of our various entities. This strategic move streamlines our brand identity, pays homage to our rich heritage, and reinforces our unwavering presence in Southern California.

Why the Change? After a year marked by remarkable growth, including fleet expansion and equipment upgrades, we recognized the need to eliminate any lingering confusion surrounding our brand. Our goal is simple: to ensure consistent recognition across all channels. By uniting under a single banner, we reinforce our commitment to excellence.

Our Legacy: Dion & Sons While our loyal customers predominantly know us as Dion & Sons, we’ve also operated under the Sawyer Petroleum and Dion & Sons brands. Notably, Sawyer functioned as a Doing Business As (DBA) of Dion & Sons. In 2023, we seamlessly integrated Sawyer into the Dion & Sons family, and Dion & Sons, Inc gracefully stepped aside. Legally, our entity is represented as M.O. Dion and Sons, Inc.

Other Brands Under Our Umbrella In addition to our flagship brand, we proudly oversee other entities operating as DBAs on Dion & Sons:

What Does This Mean for Employees and Customers? Rest assured, no action is required on your part. This brand adjustment will not impact your ability to send or receive emails. We appreciate your continued support as we evolve our identity. Together, we look forward to serving you as Dion & Sons—a name that embodies excellence, reliability, and Southern California pride.

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